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    10kV 混合母排

    10kV Mixed junction

    • MP4-15/600-200

        10kV 混合母排適用于美式電纜分接箱起母線連接作用。其特點為全絕緣,全密封。200A母排接口與肘型接頭、肘型避雷器連接,600A母排接口與T型接頭、T2T型接頭、600A延伸管、600A絕緣帽連接組成電纜多分支線路、過電壓保護及備用回路預留。

    10kV Mixed junction  is suitable for the american cable tapping busbar connection box. its characteristic is fully insulated, whole sealing. 200A bus interface connected to the elbow joint, elbow lightning arrester, 600A bus interface and tee joint, T2T type joint, 600A extension tube, insulation cap 600A connection of cable branch circuit, overvoltage protection and backup circuit set aside。
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